04 December 2007

Great Country to run

I truly enjoyed the fun race on Saturday from Otford to Bundeena, south of Sydney in the National Park.

Not only was the weather perfect for a race but the country side was simply stunning!

29 km through Pine- & Rainforest, accross sandy beaches, up and down bloody steep hills and rugged 'high' country - 4 hours of pleasure with a 7 kg heavy backpack.

Denis, my running buddy, used the opportunity of my backpack training and added a few bottles of his Gatorades into my bag.
All these nice drinks and I could not dare to drink them - Denis took off soon after the start but could have been sitting around the next corner waiting for me to catch up with him....which never happend and I ended up carrying the (full!) bottles all the way to Bundeena.

At least it was good training - and I have almost figured out all the spots which are still chafing and need to be protected for Morocco.

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