28 July 2007

Lazy Week - Great Finish!

Looks like my hard work is paying off – after the big last week, I recovered from a lingering cold the first 3 days and only ran 9 km on Thursday before resting for today's Marathon.

4 am wake-up call, and zooming out to Blacktown Olympic Park on my Scooter in freezing conditions!
Race started at 6.30 am in Prestons, and off we went for 42 km along the M7 on the cycle path back to Blacktown.
Had a great start with the first 10 km in under 50 min. Ran well wrapped up in a winter jacket as it was bloody freezing out West. But it helped ,and after I made an effort to slow down, eat and drink regularly, I was ready for a great finish – my last 5 km in 25 min sprinting into the Olympic Park Stadium in Blacktown.

Not my fastest race - 3.47hrs - but by far my best! Never did I hit the wall and I felt like 'flying' past all those other runners the last 10 km. No sore legs and feeling great :)

Now it is building up and clock some more kms every week to be well prepared for my longest race yet – the 100 km Glasshouse Mountains Trail Run in 6 weeks time. http://www.glasshousetrails.com/

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