14 March 2009

6ft - done and dusted

I am glad I got this one out of the way - a good run in excellent conditions and as usual with brilliant support from all the volunteers. Arrived very happy after 6 hours at the caves. The first section down from Katoomba was wet and slippery and as a result everyone took it slow. Unfortunately Trent (Marathon Man) twisted his ankle (twice) in the first 2 km and struggled for 7 hours all the way to the finish - his foot looked more like a ball then anything else by that time.

The way down to Cox River was as usually crowed with a single line of runners and it was almost impossible to overtake - in hindsight this was a good thing, as I saved energy during that section which I used as soon as I finished the climb up to Pulivometer - once that monster hill was out of the way, it was all downhill (kind of) to the caves.

As a training run for the coming TNF100 in May it was an ideal test - I managed the final 10 km in great shape and good legs - all that hill training is paying off. Had a hard time to eat and even get the gels down after a while this time and I lost 2.5% of body weight during the race. This needs to be addressed until May as for the 100 km race I can not allow to drop that much weight after less then half the distance.

8 more weeks of hard training ahead and then we are back in Katoomba for the 100km race. Will start running to work again once or twice a week and do some more steps and hills - those Blue Mountains sure looked hilly yesterday....

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