09 January 2009

On track

Happy New Year and save running for 2009!
Sorry, have been slack updating the blog but certainly not slack getting back into training. After a short Christmas break I got straight back on track 1st January and now I am well into my routine of getting back to Marathon des Sable fitness. Got a couple of new pairs of runners and with the next 5 months pretty much set-up with training weekends and races, I only have to keep my knees happy and stay on my two legs until the big 100km race in May.
End of this month I am off to the Blue Mountains with friends and family to train on one or two stages of the race, just to get an idea of what to expect. It will be good to have that sandy backpack on again....wish it would be for more then just 100km, quite jealous of all the guys heading to Morocco in a couple of month.
Happy training and racing

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